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Armed Forces Day and Air Show 2006

CFB Borden, Barrie/Ontario, Canada

- by Jurgen Binnemans -

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The two day air show was held at CFB Borden, a few miles west of Barrie, it was the 90th anniversary celebration of the base. With an attendance of over 26000 it was a dazzling success. CFB Borden is the home of the 16 Wing, the largest training wing in the Canadian Forces, it also is the "Birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force". The Air show had a mix of Canadian warbirds and modern military aircraft, with the "Snowbirds" as headliner.

Due to the fact that my SLR camera broke down a week before the air show, all pictures are of static or taxiing aircraft, they are shot with my small digital camera.

Part 1: Performers
Part 2: Static Display (coming soon)
Skyhawks While opening the air show the Skyhawks gave an awe inspiring parachute demonstration. Here you see them with legs locked together.
TopHatters-Griffon The beginning of the CH-146 Griffon.and the end of the Tophatters show taxiing towards show central. The Griffon is from locally based 400 Squadron 16 Wing CFB Borden.
Skyhawks The Skyhawks are the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, based at CFB Trenton, Ontario. Established in 1971, the team has performed in more than 4200 shows.
TopHatters The Swiftmagic team founded in was 1991 when Lowell Sterchi (Magic 1) and Michael Kennedy (Magic 3) combined forces. They performed their normal aerobatic act and the ''Evil Roy''/'''Prentiss Goodfly'' act.
Wing Walking Third Strike Wingwalking featuring Carol Pilon, is the only Canadian wingwalker act. This taxiing Stearman ''Royal Rhapsody" is a highly modified 1940 Stearman, with a bigger R985-14 P&W engine. Carol Pilon owns and operates the aircraft, the pilot is Kirk Wicker.
TopHatters They call themselves ''Top hatters'' and you can see the "Top hat" painted on the fuselage of this beautiful Globe Swift. The Swift is designed by the same engineers that produced the P-40. Yes, this is a 50-year-old aircraft!!! They are the only team in the world that uses this aircraft.
Julie Clark After her incredible show Julie and her T-34 are towed back in front of the grandstand, where she is met whit a big applause.
Warbird Heritage Line up before take off, of Canadian Trainers these planes are from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton Ontario. They put on a beautiful warbird display.
Julie Clark Julie Clark just after her demo. No sweat at all or so it seems. Julie bought and then restored her Beechcraft T-34 herself. The aircraft was sold at an auction in Alaska and she flew it back to California: 2900 miles!
Warbird Heritage Designated the PT-26, the Fairchild Cornell saw service as primary trainer in Canada during WW II, the RCAF selected the Cornell as successor to the Tiger Moth.
Julie Clark Draped with the Canadian flag, Mopar T-34 ''Free Spirit". Even the shining engine is in prime condition.
Warbird Heritage The fully aerobatic de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk was the first aircraft designed and built by de Havilland Canada.  Designed as a primary trainer it replaced the Tiger moth, Finch and Cornell in that role.
Bill Carter Canadian Bill Carter in his Pitts Special S2S taxiing towards the Grandstand after a great show, in which we could see his trademark, the inverted ribbon cut!
Warbird Heritage This rare biplane is the Fleet 21K. It was never used in the RCAF but was used by Irvin Industries Canada for testing parachutes.
Beech Expeditor Getting ready to fly in the Warbird show, the Beech D18S Expeditor. In WW II the Expeditor was used by the RAF & RCAF as a bombing and weapons trainer, SAR, Photo Recce, light transport, etc. a very versatile aircraft.

coming soon... >>>Part 2



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