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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005

- by Gerhard Schmid, translation by Jurgen Binnemans

Once a year hundred of thousands of airplane-, fans, owners, dealers, future customers and ordinary people, want to attend this enormous event, the big Airventure of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), in Oshkosh/Wisconsin.

For a whole week everything is focused around flying, in the northeast of the USA, at the enormous lake Michigan. It is almost impossible to describe in a few words, what can be seen and experienced in Oshkosh. One superlative hunts the other - with other words: in order to illustrate the most impressive moments here is a short and multipart preview.

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Gyrocopter Experimental is the magic word - everything is permitted with all that flies - from the folding Gyrocopter.
Team Aeroshell Oshkosh is not only a fair and exhibition but also an air show. Here you can see the well-known aero shell team, which performs with close formation aerobatics.
Viperjet . up to the top modern viper jet, which performed its first public demonstration here.
Riffraff A small "Air Race" served as a promo for the famous National Air Races in Reno. Here "Hoot" Gibson starts the engine of his Sea Fury "Riff Raff".
Hummel For some owners of experimental aircraft handiness is the most important thing...
Do 24 Crew At the large Aeroshell Square of big and exotic airplanes, we saw well-known faces from Germany: Irish Dornier and copilot Dr. Klaus Daser used Oshkosh as a pause in their world tour with the DO 24 ATT.
Hawk Replica ... others orient themselves with their self- built planes towards famous models like the Curtiss Hawk.
Lake And for the DO 24 ATT and other water airplanes there was enough water at the local lake.
Polish However all EAA members have one thing in common: they love their airplanes and spend much time taking care of them . Sometimes personally...
Glaciergirls The Lockheed P-38 Lightning "Glacier Girl" was skilfully flown by Steve Hinton after spending decades in the eternal ice. However the "Glacier Girls" didn't leave the public cold at all.
Polish ... or by paid airplane service.
F-4 Everyone who likes it particularly loud, had a blast as well - beside this F-4 phantom there were lots of different jets at the event.
Global Flyer This is an experimental airplane as well: The global flyer, a construction of Burt Rutan, who recently orbited the earth with Steve Fossett.
B-17 However for the large finale of the last days, the skies where clouded with lots of heavy aluminium.
Kids Entertainment for young people is important. This the organizer noticed as well.
Jeep ... the experienced veterans clearly knew what was going to come...
Stunt ... only someone who is born fearless starts doing these things.
Pyro ... and it came!
Mustangs Warbirds play a large part at the EAA air venture. Surely 60 years after the end of the Second World War.
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