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National Championship Air Races 2004, Reno, NV, USA

When Bill Stead aligned the first National Championship Air Races at the beginning of the 60's, he would not have dared surely to dream that this meeting would reach once such dimensions: 210,000 visitors, over 50 millions US$ economic impact into the local economy 2003 and prize moneys for the winners of more than 1.1 millions US$ are only some numbers, which show impressively the today's order of magnitude of the Reno Races.

Bill Stead died 1966 during a flight accident. His idea was resumed and every year in September  the Reno air Racing Association provides with support of approximately 2,500 volunteers for the success of one the most impressing Events in the world of Airshows.

Opinion polls by the way resulted in that it concerns with a not insignificant part of the visitors repetition authors. Can the Reno Air Races make addicted? We believe...;-)

Above and Beyond
Sorry, but the translations are in delay. If You want to see the pictures of the other racing classes, please proceed to the german version.
Freaks Some people may think that Air Racing fans are a little bit nuts...

...looking at this picture of your three German reporters, they might be right...

45 During the first acers of the Sport Class with bared teeth get to the flight line in order to make use of the cold air in  the morning...
Reno ...considering that these Air Racing fans after a 12 hour transatlantic flight and a 4 hour drive from San Francisco to Reno...
Formula One ...the first aircraft of the Formula One class whisk around the 3.1875 mile course.
Riff Raff ...immediately head to Stead Airfield to make a first visit to the many Air Race teams already there...
Smokers welcome... Meanwhile the Unlimiteds have a smoke for breakfast...
Night ...instead of relaxing in a comfortable hotel room from the exhausting journey. But for even aircraft, pilots and mechanics will go to sleep some time Air Racing fans, too, finally will have some overdue sleep.
Rivalen "Rare Bear" and "Dago Red" have been envisaged  by thousands of eyes this year again. For "there will be only one"!
Biplane But with the very first break of light the true Air Race fan will throw himself under the first aircraft in sight - in this case a Pitts Special, racing in the Biplane class...
Speed Limit 20 Obviously this sign is absolutely out of place in the "Valley of Speed". Or, the other way: how much is it to exceed the speed limit by 475 mph?...
Precious Metal ...only to dwell on some steps further under the mighty Rolls-Royce "Griffon" engine and the impressive counter-roating propeller of the  Unlimited Racer "Precious Metal".
Chicken Looks like the Bearcat has flown through a hen-house! No question the poultry lost the fight...


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