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Air Show Ottawa 2006, Ottawa/Ontario, Canada

- by Jurgen Binnemans -

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Part 1: Moving
Part 2: Static
CT-142 This big-nosed aircraft is a CT-142 of 402 Squadron RCAF, it uses 6 of these machines, two for VIP/Passenger/Cargo transports and the other four are "flying classrooms" for navigator training.
FW 149 Focke-Wulf FW 149 in Luftwaffe Coulours, flew each day together with the green camouflaged Harvard, during the "Warbird Fly Bys".
CT-142 402 Squadron "City Of Winnipeg" is based at Winnipeg, Manitoba.The CT-142 is the military version of the de Havilland Dash 8 - 100 series.The airplane did not perform at the air show.
Harvard The previously mentioned North American AT-6 Harvard.
Harvard II Another RCAF trainer, the CT-156 Harvard II. This is the Primary trainer the 15 wing uses for it's "NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC)" program and is based at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Static only.
B-25 An evening shot of the 2 performing B-25's "Pacific Prowler" and "Miss Mitchell".
Hurricane Hurricane IV KZ321 (C-FTPM), this is the only "tankbusting" variant flying in the world.
B-25 Shining "Miss Mitchell" in the morning.After an extensive 12-year restoration, by dozens of volunteers, this B-25J was restored to flying condition in 1992.
Hurricane As can be seen on this close up, the Hurricane is in prime condition thanks to the "Vintage Wings of Canada" team. The aircraft made it's debut at the Ottawa air show.
B-25 Based in Fleming Field - South Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing is proud to fly this B-25 J.
Mustang Vintage Wings' recently painted Mustang P-51D KH661 (C-FVPM). This beautiful fighter wears the colours of 442 RCAF Squadron.
B-25 Close up of the nose and beautiful nose-art of "Pacific Prowler".
Spitfire Mr. Potter's (Vintage Wings) signature warbird, the Supermarine Spitfire MK XVI SL721.
B-25 This is not the original "Pacific prowler", this aircraft was first used as an VIP transport in Post War years. Later she was used as a photo ship in Hollywood, used in "Catch 22" and "Airport" and lots of other films. She was restored back to original military configuration in 1995.
Spitfire Close up of the Spitfire's nose and nose-art. 421 squadron was unique in that it's aircraft carried the then familiar Indian Head emblem of the McColl-Frontenac Oil Company. One of the companies products was "Red Indian" Aviation Motor Oil.
T-34 Julie Clark 's Mopar T-34 "Free Spirit" shot in the evening.
Staggerwing The Beech Staggerwing D17S of Vintage Wings, painted in the spiffy Beech factory paint scheme.
T-34 Side view of "Free Spirit", you can clearly recognize the "Air Force One" paint scheme, that inspired Julie.
Tiger Moth This a Canadian build de Havilland Tiger Moth, they had enclosed and heated cockpits. These modifications where made to be able to continue training in late autumn and winter.
Harvard Covered up in the morning.Two Harvard's of the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team.
Taperwing A very good looking WACO Taperwing ATO, it flew during the "Warbird Fly Bys" demos. The vintage Wings' Taperwing was made for air racing and aerobatic flying.
Harvard Close up of the 600 HP Pratt & Witney engine and Hamilton propeller. The Harvard Aerobatic Team fly's with 3 Harvard Trainers. The Canadian nickname for the Harvard : Yellow Peril.
HS-748 First Air's Hawker Siddeley HS-748. This Canadian airline has a maintenance facility at Carp airport.
HS-748 Cannibalized HS-748 of First Air. Not really a part of the static show. but still very interesting.


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