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Air Show Ottawa 2006,

Ottawa/Ontario, Canada

- by Jurgen Binnemans -

This report of the Ottawa Air Show is dedicated to the memory of Scott "Kato" Manning who lost his life on Friday, July 16, 2006, when practicing with his BD5-J Microjet "Stinger" for the air show.

The two day air show was held at Carp Airport, a few miles west of downtown Ottawa. The theme for the 2006 air show was "A Salute to Our Men and Women in the Military". It was a good mix of vintage warbirds and modern military aircraft, with the "Snowbirds" as headliner. Due to the short runway at Carp, all the fast moving jets where based at Ottawa international Airport.

Due to the fact that my SLR camera broke down two days before the air show, most pictures are of static or taxiing aircraft, they are shot with my small digital camera.

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Part 1: Moving
Part 2: Static
Ottawa Airshow 2006 These are the 3 display pilots of "Vintage Wings of Canada" going a last time through the opening routine for the Ottawa Air Show. They fly a 3-ship formation with a Hurricane, Spitfire and Mustang.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The Second B-25, "Pacific Prowler" making a low pass over the runway. Currently the Pacific Prowler is being maintained and managed by a group of individuals from Cleburne, Texas.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Taxiing towards the runway: behind the Hurricane we see the Spit and the P-51. All these aircraft are from the Vintage Wings of Canada Collection, witch just opened it's doors on May 25, 2006 at the Gatineau Airport (North of Ottawa). The Collection was founded by Ottawa entrepreneur Michael Potter, who already owned some of the aircraft.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Pacific Prowler taxiing back to the static area. This highly polished B-25 is quite a site to see.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The newest acquisition of the collection: a Hawker Hurricane Mk IV, or the "flying can opener" as it was known, in desert camouflage. It is one of only 13 flying Hurricanes in the world.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 A Boeing PT-17 Stearman taxiing towards the runway for the "Warbird Fly Bys".
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI, wearing the colors of 421 Squadron.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The Beech Staggerwing D17S on it's way for the "Warbird Fly Bys". This airplane belongs to the "Vintage Wings of Canada" collection.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 A North American Mustang Mk IV (P51-D), painted in Canadian WW II colours.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 CH-146 Griffon of the 1st Wing Kingston, Ontario.This helicopter is the workhorse of the RCAF, used worldwide.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 One of three yellow Harvards of the "Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team" taxiing towards the runway for take off.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The Griffon dropping of Capt. "Fat Daddy" (CF-18 Demo) at the VIP area. The helicopter was used to fly pilots to and from Ottawa International during the air show.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Two of the Harvards waiting at the end of taxiway, ready to go!! Their demo is a tribute to the veterans of WW II.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Search and Rescue demo performed by the 3th Wing Bagotville,Quebec, also on CH-146 Griffon.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 A three-ship-formation with Pete, Dave and Kent at the controls. The all-volunteer Canadian Harvard Association was born in Woodstock Ontario in 1985. The Collection is now based in Tillsonburg Ontario it includes four Harvards a Tiger moth and a Yale.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Well known and loved Julie Clark and her Mopar T-34 "Free Spirit". She flew a very beautiful aerobatic demonstration called "God Bless You, Canada". One of the highlights of the air show.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 This Is A First !!! The "RCAF Heritage Flight" . A Harvard in formation with a CF-18. Capt. William "Fat Daddy" Radiff is the RCAF CF-18 Demo pilot.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 CP-140 Aurora on a "dirty" pass. The Aurora from 14th Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia only flew on Saturday. It is a Canadianized version of the US Navy's P-3 Orion. A long-range, land-based maritime patrol aircraft.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 Here you see "Miss Mitchell" taking off. One of two B-25's flying at the air show.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The "Snowbirds", 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, flying on the CT-114 Tutor. Based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and formed in 1971, this 9-plane-Jet-demo-team was truly the highlight of the air show, on Saturday and on Sunday.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 "Miss Mitchell" in the air. This B-25 is owned and maintained Commemorative Air Force - Minnesota Wing.
Ottawa Airshow 2006 The "missing man" formation, performed by the Snowbirds in honour of Scott "Kato" Manning.

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