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National Championship Air Races 2005

Reno / Nevada

- by Gerhard Schmid, translation by Jurgen Binnemans -

Regular readers know that the annual National Championship Air Races, which take place in Reno, the biggest little city in the world, have a very special meaning for Since the thought of establishing was born at the Reno Races in 1999, we became very closely connected to the event. We are therefore pleased, for the seventh year in a row, to be able to report on this world-wide unique event.

Due to the thorough preparation of the Reno air Racing Association (RARA), the 42nd National Championship air Races were without incidents. With 230.000 sold tickets, a new record for attendance level was achieved.

In the coming weeks a multipart report will appear on with interesting backstage views of the fastest racing sport in the world. So check this page regularly .

Biplanes The biplane Class always offers particularly breathtaking fights for the places. In the Gold series speeds up to 237 mph are reached. That is nearly 400 km/h!
Cloud Dancer Jimmy Leeward steered his bright-polished mustang "Cloud Dancer", low and close as usual around the Unlimited Course.
Formula One David Hoover brought his Arnold AR-6, a completely new and aerodynamically very high-quality airplane, into the Formula One Class.
Riff Raff Mike Keenum's red-white Hawker Sea Fury "Riff Raff": for years this has been Robert "Hoot" Gibson flown Unlimited gold Racer, is affectionately maintained between races. Here Jim Kippen polishes the powerful prop.
NXT John Sharp (right) technical designer and pilot of the Nemesis NXT, had to fight this year's technical problems. Kevin Eldredge (left) could keep up with the second NXT "Relentless" with the prominent sport Class Racers.
Rare Bear There was no serious competition for Rare Bear, last year's champion. Also this year John Penney lead the extremely modified Racer to victory.
Sport Class Exciting duel between the sports Class pilot Greg Nelson on Harmon Rocket (right) and Klaus Savier on Vari Eze (left).
Super Corsair With the legendary "Super Corsair", Bob Odegard offered elegant aerobatics with an unlimited racer of past days.
AT-6 This detail photo of Mary Dilda's SNJ-6 "Two of Hearts" shows clearly the affectionate care, that many racing teams give to their airplanes.
Pietsch Kent Pietsch belongs to the Top of the American air show scene. His "Crazy Flying" each air show is legendary. Every Airshowfan must have experienced this unbelievable Aerobatic routine at ground level, once in his lifetime.
AT-6 As the only woman, Mary holds her own for years in the T-6 Class. This year she reached the class victory with "Two Of Hearts".
Mike Mangold Mike Mangold represented the international aerobatics scene in the program. One would have considered many of his manoeuvres impossible, a few years ago.
Jet Class Since 2002 the aero L-39 jets have their own racing class. This way the jet fans also have something to look at.
Heritage Flight P-51D mustang and A-10 Thunderbolt II in close formation. "Heritage Flights" are popular highlights in the programs of US air shows.
Strega "Strega is back!". This message fulfilled the fans of the Unlimited Class with bright enthusiasm. Unfortunately it did not come to a showdown with the main competitor "Rare Bear" due to technical problems.
Premier Robert "Hoot" Gibson, repeated space shuttle commander and Racepilot tested the Beech Prime Minister in the racing course. Will we soon have Business jets in the jet Class?
P-51 Only people visiting Stead airport in the beginning of the week could see "Miss America", the well-known Racer in action. When qualifying, Brent Hisey dropped out after a Mayday.
Thunderbirds This year again, "The Thunderbirds", the formation team of the U. S. Air Force, entertained the public with much noise and otherwise a rather unimpressive display.
P-51 Ike Enns with his P-51 "Miracle Maker", shown at an evening engine test run. After the end of the official daily program, there is still a lot of interesting stuff to experience on the ramp ...
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